Social Media Detox – Unplugging and What I Learned

In today’s society, there is so much news and information coming to us all at once. Who’s eating what, who just had a baby, what’s trending, and so much more. People nowadays, myself included, are always on our phones. How many times have you been out with your friends and everyone at the table is on their phone? I’m totally guilty of this. You could probably take a look around you right now and see the person next to you on their phone. As part of a health challenge I decided to take a social media break. What, an Instagrammer taking a social media break? Crazy, I know. It’s totally opposite of what I do but I was up for the challenge. I wanted to try it and see how I felt once it was done. This was my first one and let me tell you it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I’ll share with you some benefits and what I took away from it.

First up the benefits of a social media detox:

Recharge – Helps you to rest and relax without worrying about the outside world. It gives you the opportunity look inward and to focus on the person that matters most, YOU!

Helps you to live in the moment – I love this one. Being present helps you to soak in all the goodness around you. Everyday is a blessing. Take in all the sights, sounds and feels of what you are experiencing NOW. Your adventure, your life and your time with loved ones is special. Enjoy those moments as they are gifts. All that is guaranteed is this time right now. So live it up!

Reconnect with the real world – In a social media world where you only see the best or part of someones life, disconnecting will help you to not compare yourself to others and reflect on what really matters. Not everything we see on our screens is real life. Most of it is staged, good lighting,  filters, etc. Reconnecting with the real world helps you appreciate the good YOU have in life. Look around you. You have so much to be thankful for.

Extra time – How much of our time is used watching our screens? Lots. Disconnecting gives you extra time to do other things that you’ve been wanting to do. Maybe you’ve been wanting to start an extra project and just haven’t because you think you don’t have enough time.

Physical Health – Funny enough another plus I found about taking a social media break was I able to gave my eyes a rest. Yes my eyes. Staring at a screen all day at work, then being on your phone on your off time can put a strain on your eyes/vision. So it was nice to give them a little rest.

I absolutely loved taking a mini break from social media. I honestly probably could have done it longer. The first couple of days you may want to go online out of habit. Then as you find stuff to keep you occupied, you find it’s not that difficult. If you decide to do one I recommend deleting the app until your detox is over. This eliminates the temptation and makes it easier to not accidentally pop back into your feed.

Get out there to enjoy nature, take a hike, get some fresh air. You can grab a book, relax, or do nothing. Hang out with your friends and family without going on your phone. Be present and live in the moment. Unplug for a bit and you’ll feel the difference. I believe it was and is something healthy to do every now and then. If you do it let me know what you took away from this experience.

As always, thank you for stopping by.

Sabrina 💛

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