Disney Fortune Tellers – Magic Beyond the Pixie Dust

Fortune tellers, witch doctors, palm readers and magic lamps are all part of Disney’s magic beyond the pixie dust. Getting your fortune read at the parks is a fun and inexpensive adventure to experience while visiting the parks.

Fortune telling dates back centuries. This mystical Renaissance magic claims to predict the past, present, and future. If you want to experience that mystical magic in a fun way then Disneyland has got you covered. These fortune tellers are located throughout the park. I’ll share all the details here.

First up located at the Penny Arcade on Main Street is the beautiful Esmeralda. For only 25 cents this beauty can predict your future.


Esmeralda is one of my favorite Fortune tellers. You receive a tarot card with Esmeralda’s prophecy on the back.

Here is what one of my fortunes said:

You will make new friends of “character” today with relationships that could last a lifetime. Memories of these will carry you through good times and sad. Magic Number 06, 14, 59. Be well.

Next up is Aladdin’s other Lamp located in Adventureland at Adventureland Bazaar. This fortune is 50 cents and is a verbal fortune.


Whosoever rubs the lamp (and places coins in the slot below) shall receive the wisdom of the Genie and have their future revealed.

Another fun mystical find:

Located in Adventureland for 50 cents Shrunken Ned the witch doctor will give you a personal diagnosis and a souvenir prescription card.


Here’s what my prescription said:

“Boil one eye of newt, sprinkle on a thick paste of yak fur, spread saltine crackers and take twice a day until you get better (or your Yak runs out of fur).”

Can’t forget Fortune Red located in New Orleans Square right next to Pieces of Eight.


My fortune by Fortune Red:

“Tis a steady course ye’ve charted, matey, and ye sails with a fair wind and a friendly sea. I sees doubloon, pieces o’ eight and plenty o’ good plum duff in your future. Ye likes a bit o’ fun, ye does, and ye takes yer fling like a jolly Pirate o’ the Caribbean. Aye, but ’tis a rovin’ eye ye has and a proper charmer o’ the opposite sex. Keep a weather eye open, matey, there may be squalls ahead. Mark well me words: As ye brew, so shall ye drink.

Two more mentions just for fun! While they do not provide you with an actual fortune or tangible memento, they represent the mystic arts. First is Madame Leota located inside the Haunted Mansion.


Also Fargo’s Palm Parlor:


The window pictured below honors Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump. His works include contributions to the Haunted Mansion, Enchanted Tiki Room and Small World.

So next time you’re in the parks be sure to have your quarters on hand to have your fortune read. Keep an eye out for that Disney Magic beyond the pixie dust.

As always, thank you for stopping by.



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