Tips on preparing for Pixar Fest

Pixar Fest begins this Friday, April 13th. Remember that Pixar Pier will not be open until June 23, 2018. Here are some tips to remember if you are heading to the parks this weekend or in general.

First the obvious:

Bring some bottled water – with the temperatures looking to be in the 80’s, ensure that you are well hydrated throughout the day. Also remember that you can refill your water bottle at certain locations throughout the park. This will help you save money as well. You can also ask for water at any quick service location and it is complimentary. Now keep in mind that the water cups are small but this is a good thing to know if you are thirsty.

Sunscreen and a hat – long days at the park in the heat means protecting yourself from the sun as much as possible.

Comfy shoes – There will be plenty of walking around, standing in long lines so ensure that you have comfy shoes.

If you plan to purchase a lot of items, Disneyland does offer lockers for you to rent for the day. Click here for pricing and locations.

My tips:

Plan ahead – remember no new/re themed attractions will be open. It will all be new fun foods and entertainment to enjoy. Check out my last blog post to plan.

Once you’ve chosen what entertainment you want to enjoy ensure to get there early.

Splash Mountain will be open beginning Saturday, April 14th. (Not Pixar related but it will be open during your visit 🙂 )

Elias & Co at DCA and the Emporium at DL will have all your Pixar Fest merchandise. To see more merchandise locations check my last blog post.

Consider Disneylands Dining packages – they offer great meals and a voucher that provides access to the entertainment viewing area. Check my last post for more details.

Know that it will be a busy day with lots of people and long lines but remember you are there to have fun.

As always thank you for stopping by! 🙂


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