Disneylands Chocolate Easter Eggs

It’s that time of year! Spring is here and so are Disneyland’s delicious Easter treats!

Every year Disneyland hand makes these AMAZING chocolate eggs. You can find them at Candy Palace on Main street. These treats cost $9.99 each and are totally worth it.

Each egg is hand shaped and filled with house made fudge then coated with chocolate.

Now these eggs take about two days to make so they are prepped with lots of Disney magic. Since they do take some time to create you will only find two flavors at any given time available. If there is a specific flavor you are wanting to try you either have to be lucky and grab it while you’re there or check back.


There are five different flavors to choose from. You have peanut butter, chocolate nut, vanilla nut, black walnut, and chocolate cream fudge.


Check out the inside. It’s absolutely delicious!

I think they are as special as the candy canes during Christmas but better since there are no lines.

The hype is definitely real with these ones! Next time you’re in the parks make sure to grab one of these delicious seasonal treats before they disappear.

As always, thank you for stopping by.



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