Marvel Land COMING 2020

Today @disneyparksblog announced that A Bug’s Land will be closing permanently. This is to make room for THE NEW MARVEL LAND arriving to Disney California Adventure in 2020. Sunday, March 18th was “Its Tough to be a Bug” last showing which was a hint of what’s to come. There has long been speculation of a Super Hero land coming to Disneyland but nothing was ever confirmed. That is until now.


While many are not happy to see bugs land leave,  Disney looks to have some AMAZING stuff in store for us! For all those who have sentimental ties to Bugs Land you can still enjoy this area until the end of Summer 2018.


Now off to the FUN STUFF! Because that’s why you’re here right 🙂

Disney has not said much else other than what has been shared on the Disney Parks Blog. HOWEVER here are my findings. Now ALL this is SPECULATION and has not been confirmed by Disney. But looking at the concept art you can see some hints of whats in store for the upcoming Marvel Land.


1) TROLLEY MAKEOVER! OH MY 😱! The trolley seems to change from the California here I come singing Newsies, to a Spider-Man themed trolley. So all Newsies fans enjoy the show as much as you can before the change!



2) NEW DRINK! PINGO DOCE – Guarana soda beverage. Remember this from the movie THE HULK?  Its the Brazilian soda brand and factory where Bruce Banner (Hulk) worked while in hiding. Looks fun! This could be the NEW themed drink for Marvel Land. You see the big drink can there?


Pingo Doce Soda Beverage with Guarana Kick- Stan Lee


3) Additional observations: 

New Avengers building/Stark Tower

Avengers Headquarters


Blank Panther

Hyperion Theatre. New Live Super Hero Production – Avenger/Marvel Themed

4) Sanctum Sanctorum – The mansion of Doctor Strange. – Perhaps a new dark ride. There has been rumor of at least one indoor dark ride coming to the new Marvel Land. Sounds FUN!

Pictured above is the concept art with the mansion pictured. Photo below taken from the web of Doctor Strange’s Mansion.



Are you READY to be immersed into this NEW SUPER HERO LAND?

For NOW these are all the FUN findings! Let me know if you spot anything else 😊  I’m definitely looking forward to all that Disney has in store. As more news comes out I’ll be sure to share!

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!




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  1. Super excited for this! Bug’s Land will be missed but changes are always good. Plus my boys love super heroes so they will be thrilled!


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